Melting time shortened and costs saved

Based on its longstanding industry knowledge and proven industry standard for heating chambers, DENIOS has developed an innovative, process-controlled system technology for a customer in the pharmaceutical industry. It precisely regulates the melting temperature of the substance being treated, which is achieved homogeneously and in the shortest possible time.

Further outstanding quality features of the GMP-compliant solution: high-quality construction made of stainless steel, extensive safety functions for personal protection and recipe compliance, seamless integration into the customer's manufacturing process and high ease of use.

For the customer, there was a need to expand their existing production. Taking optimal material flows into consideration, it was necessary to significantly increase the capacities of raw material heating and supply.

The raw materials should be completely melted in a defined time, whereby the product target temperature and thus the maximum circulating air temperature are subject to validated limit values.

Every process step must be verifiable and handed over to the control system forgery-proof. The provision of raw materials takes place via a lock between two different cleanroom classes. When selecting a high-performance supplier for GMP-compliant implementation, the customer placed particular emphasis on product, process and user safety.

DENIOS was able to convince with an overall concept for a heating chamber system, which not only expanded its production capacity, but also made the production process even more efficient.

Fast, precise melting with high efficiency

DENIOS made of stainless steel three heat chambers, each with two independent compartments. Each compartment offers the capacity of six EURO pallets loaded with two 200 litre steel barrels each. This results in a total capacity of 72 barrels, or about 15 tons of material. Each compartment is designed as a continuous furnace with its own temperature control. The material is transported from the source to the sink via gravity conveyors.

The assigned process control system is assigned to free parking spaces and corresponding temperature levels. Inside the well-insulated heat chambers, the raw materials are melted without residue within a given time. This is done in compliance with the maximum permissible limit temperatures, which may deviate from a maximum of +3 K. The DENIOS heat chambers meet this precise process reliability by the optimal interaction between air heating, flow geometry and regulated air volume.

The energy supply is met by motors of the energy efficiency class IE 3 in combination with frequency converters. Heat is transferred in a resource-saving way via the energy carrier steam. The intelligent heat transfer and circulating air principle as well as the very good insulation of the system achieve a very high efficiency. The energy demand for raw material heating is significantly reduced compared to the existing old plant with the help of the DENIOS solution. The predetermined melting times have been almost halved and the planned steam consumption has been significantly reduced.

Safety from the experts

More than 30 years of experience in hazardous material storage brings DENIOS to the products from our own production. For example, each compartment has an integrated collection tank certified in accordance with the Water Budget Act for the reception of leaks. Each tub is monitored by means of a level sensor and signals leaks quickly and reliably in the controller.

The heat chambers are designed with non-combustible Euro Class A1 mineral wool in accordance with the customer's fire protection concept. Inside, temperature sensors as well as a separate overtemperature protection constantly monitor the heat level in the system. An unusually fast or high ascent ensures an immediate alarm for the factory fire brigade.

This can react immediately and in the event of a fire event, the interior of the heat chamber could flood over the installed heavy foam nozzles.