Melting of solvent-containing substances

Thor GmbH in Speyer

Thor GmbH in Speyer

Thor GmbH in Speyer is part of a global group of companies that develops, manufactures and markets specialty chemicals. The product range includes technical preservatives, flame retardant products and additives for the cosmetics industry.

Challenge and task:
For melting solvent-containing substances (storage class 3) for the production process, the customer needed four heat chambers with different capacity. The requirements of explosion protection had to be taken into account. Tight temperature specifications, which were to be achieved via a steam heater, were the task. The chambers should also be ventilated before opening. Fire protection had to be achieved in the rear direction, in front of the chamber gates sufficiently large distances could be maintained.

On the basis of a DENIOS heat chamber with a storage capacity of 8 IBC, the parameters for the further heat chambers in the external installation could be defined quite quickly. In this case, capacities of 8 and 12 IBC were required. In all heat chambers, the ingredients are heated to 75° C. Inside, the Ex-Zone 1 is designated, outside Zone 2. The heat chambers can be ventilated via additional technical ventilation, which can be switched on manually. Overheating is prevented, among other things, by another flow monitor. Adhesive magnets are used as locking systems for the doors.

Result and customer benefits:
After a short lead,the customer received a thermotechnical system that was optimally tailored to his needs, which takes into account all operational needs and the safety aspects of explosion protection. The production process is ensured by pre-tempered substances.