How a DENIOS Industrial Oven Saved Vehicle Production!

A prominent manufacturer in the commercial vehicle industry was struggling with their newly installed painting system. The equipment was taking too long to prepare the paint for pumping, which created a detrimental bottleneck in production. That's when DENIOS stepped in with a solution! 

The Problem

The customer had recently installed a new paint shop at their plant. Within this, the 2-component polyurethane paint used by the company needed to kept in a pumpable state at the filling station. Unfortunately, the new system was unable to sufficiently heat the paint, resulting in a slower flow of paint and an unacceptable disruption to production. A solution was urgently needed, either in the form of an expansion to the current system or the sourcing of a new technical solution.

The Solution

With the installation of a ready-for-use industrial oven, DENIOS brought the company's production back to full capacity. An explosion-proof ATEX unit created a current-air-heat transfer (via a CEE plug) and the paint began to flow at the rate required by the company. The customer chose a model that offered capacity for 8 euro pallets (800 x 1,200mm) or 6 chemical pallets (1,200 x 1,200). The industrial oven was equipped with a sump to remove any risks to the environment or employees as a result of leaks. A wall thickness of 100mm ensured effective thermal insulation and efficient heat output.

The Results

Through the fast installation of a reliable technology, DENIOS was able to get the customer's production up and running again. The customer was impressed by the performance of the oven and made plans to integrate a permanent DENIOS industrial oven after the initial rental period was completed.