Heating chamber for the production of synthetic resins

Quick and targeted warming-up, reducing energy costs.

DIC Performance Resins, Wien/Austria

DIC Performance Resins, Wien/Österreich

The challenge:
DIC Performance Resins in Vienna required a heating chamber for the production of synthetic resins. The raw materials needed to be warmed up to 60°C to 90°C quickly and cost-effectively. The use of heating chambers to warm up raw materials was to replace warming up the production hall as a whole.

The solution:
DENIOS designed a heating chamber for the storage of up to eight pallets. Not only was it possible for a faster and specifically targeted warming-up process but the heating chambers also enable the customer to configure different target temperatures. Efficient insulation contributes towards saving energy.

The result:
The heating chamber resulted in a significant reduction in energy costs. Reducing the room temperature saw an increase in work safety throughout production. Specifically adjustable temperature settings optimised the raw materials' preparation.