Case Study: heating chamber solution for the pharmaceutical industry

Grenzach Production Company

For a new production plant at Grenzach Produktiongesellschaft (GP), a subsidiary of the Bayer Group, a tailor-made solution for heating waxes and Vaseline in the pharmaceutical sector was developed and implemented.

Challenge and task:

At the location in Grenzach, the well-known eye and nasal ointment "Bepanthen" is produced. The production capacity was to be expanded and modernized in the course of a new building. The requirements for plants for the production of these drugs used in the body are very high for good reason. In addition, it must also be possible to operate in a practical way in the pharmaceutical environment. Since the required raw materials cannot be pumped and processed at room temperature, they must be melted in barrels in a heat chamber and brought to the required processing temperature.

The solution:

DENIOS developed a heat chamber with four individual areas, three of which run at a constant temperature (+/- 2 K). The fourth area is used for the return transport of the barrels. The entire control system was created by REUKO Klimaservice GmbH, which together with DENIOS has already gained some experience in air technology systems in the pharmaceutical sector.

The chamber separates the storage area directly from the high-purity production area. The problem of the different cleanroom areas was solved by tightly closing doors, which are locked to each other. A special challenge was the barrel transport. The drums are approached on pallets with the lift truck from the bearing side to the chamber and then picked up by means of a gripper. For this purpose, a gripping system from DENIOS' standard range was tested at the customer's premises and then optimized for the GMP area. On the production side, the barrels are then removed with a lift truck suitable for cleanrooms. Thus, the spread of dirt by pallets is excluded.

Result and benefits:

In order to achieve absolute fit, the entire plant in Bad Oeynhausen was 3-D-constructed. The installation via the 22 m high roof by a small hatch, as well as the pivoting and the movement of the chamber, were also considered. The chamber seamlessly connects to the existing space and was fitted in the room. Above the chamber there is an access from the storage side for the maintenance of the fan and heater.

The control technology and the steam control for the heating are housed in the directly adjacent control room. The tailor-made implementation of the work and the innovative usability of the chamber characterize this project. With this new production, the Grenzach site has created a very good basis for the future. The workflows have been excellently optimized, not least by the denIOS heat chamber.


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