All-round thermotechnology solution for Cadbury

Grenzach Produktionsgesellschaft

Food manufacturers regularly approach DENIOS for safe storage solutions when it comes to the thermal processing of foods. Ingredients must be at the right temperature at the right time. When it isn’t this causes adverse effects of manufacturing times and can result on having to throw away spoiled-ingredients.

Cadburys is well known all over the world for its chocolate but it is also the largest manufacturer of chewing gum, such as their Trident chewing gum brand.

The challenge they had in their manufacture of chewing gum was the need to be able to store some ingredients in a temperature controlled heating chamber which also needed to be able to store hazardous and flammable materials.

The mission given to DENIOS was to propose a multi-solution package for thermal processing and temperature-controlled, safe storage of ingredients key to their food manufacturing process.

As well as this, a special request was made for a mobile, modular storage facility for heated open additives.

The DENIOS Solution

DENIOS addressed these issues with a decentralized solution consisting of several heating chambers with rolling doors and a temperature controlled cabinet with folding doors. One major factor that drove the DENIOS solution was the explosive nature of the chemicals used in the production process.

For the storage of hazardous, flammable materials, DENIOS has provided a specially equipped, single level storage temperature controlled heating box. For inside usage, the box is constructed with an explosion protection zone 1; for outside usage it is equipped with an ex protection zone 2. This model is rounded out by an explosion protected air circulation heater, which ensures uniform air circulation.

A specially equipped heating box with exact temperature control ensures that the ingredients used in production have the precise temperature and time frame for the heating process.


DENIOS were able to deliver to Cadburys a multi-faceted solution which addressed a wide array of requirements – from thermal processing to storage, from precise, efficient heating to fire-safe ventilation. 

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