Storage of a crash test vehicle including lithium-ion energy storage

Storage of a crash test vehicle including lithium-ion energy storage

When it comes to climate-friendly mobility, technologies based on lithium energy storage play a major role. But what if it comes to the accident?

Due to the high risk potential of lithium accumulators, precise insights must be gained in order to accurately assess risks. Our customer runs various research projects around electromobility and vehicle safety. For this purpose, crash tests are carried out with vehicles in which lithium batteries are installed. To store them safely even after the trial, they turned to DENIOS.

Challenge and task: 

The challenge with this project was the secure placement of a complete crash test vehicle - around the clock. Because above all overnight, an increased potential for danger emanates from the unattended test system.

The solution:

In order to be able to accommodate the complete vehicle including the associated test equipment, the technical / safety room has the dimensions: 7,400 x 3,000 x 3,000 mm (W x D x H). Over the entire longitudinal side extends a roller shutter in ex-execution. In this way, a comfortable introduction of the crash test vehicle is made possible. From the storage area of ​​the vehicle, a single-wing T30 escape door leads out into the open. At the opposite end, a heavy-duty rack offers enough space for the storage of Li-ion batteries. The feed takes place via a double-leaf T30 door with overhead door closer. The drip pan provides protection in the event of battery leaks. The interior of the technical / security room has been declared by customer as Ex-zone 1. All fittings, such as u.a. the lighting, the convection heating and the technical ventilation are therefore ex-protected. For technical ventilation, there is a flow monitoring for safety reasons. In addition, a gas warning system was installed.

Result and customer benefit:

The customer received a storage room with a double storage function, which exactly fits the individual requirements. The generous roller door allows comfortable setting of vehicles without having to maneuver them with great effort. At the same time, the room can be used to store batteries to save space. Employees can easily access the pallet rack via a separate double-leaf door.