The solution:In close collaboration between the project supervisor and the representatives of public authorities, two storage units have been developed; based on the standardised fire rated storage container, with robust, corrosion free ferroconcrete construction and a sump pallets in the floor area. The outdoor installation required observing safety margins that peroxide storage regulations impose. Both storage units are equipped with pressure release areas, technical ventilation ensuring the necessary air change, lighting, equipotential bonding, lightning protection and high-bay racks. Refrigeration apparatus or radiators respectively ensure the necessary temperature range. All electrical aggregates inside are explosion proof versions.

The result:
Owing to the high level of prefabrication, the construction time took up only eight weeks. Both storage areas can be moved to a different location without much structural expenditure. In any case, safety margins have to be respected. The especially inserted heat insulation reduces the operation costs in different temperature ranges from -5° C to 0° C and +15° C to +20° C for both containers.

Temperature sensitive storage of peroxides

DENIOS delivered a tailor-made solution for the realisation of different temperature ranges.

Temperierte Lagerung von Peroxiden

The challenge:
An enterprise required additional storage capacities to store peroxides. Owing to different temperature sensitive requirements the substances impose, specific storage temperatures have to be ensured. Furthermore, the store needed to be walkable and forklift truck accessible.