Storing of hazardous substances such as fats and oils

Hoesch Hohenlimburg GmbH, Hagen/Germany

Hoesch Hohenlimburg GmbH, Hagen/Deutschland

Challenge and project
Hoesch ordered a warehouse for hazardous materials to store fats and oils. The storage container needed to be lockable, had to be integrated into an existing depot and required a capacity of 150 drums. A special challenge presented itself in the confined space conditions.

The solution:

DENIOS suggested the installation of two system containers type 3P814 with sliding doors and 3P414 with double doors in the company's existing depot. Integrated sump pallets ensure that regulations regarding storage for the warehoused substances are met perfectly.


The result:

Tried and tested DENIOS system containers offered a quick, cost-effective and law compliant solution for the storage of hazardous materials, while making the most out of the confined space conditions.