Challenge and project:
For the safe storage of hazardous substances including oils and cleaning fluids, Hänggi GmbH in Switzerland needed a walk-in hazardous material storage container with capacity for 80 x 205 litre drums.

The solution:
The storage solution was provided in a cost-effective manner and short time period with a total of three System Containers and the safety distances in accordance with VKF fire protection guidelines were respected. Rooflights ensures the necessary rain protection.

Result and customer benefits:
While other suppliers often give advice in accordance with German and European guidelines, DENIOS had a local presence and could offer a solution which was strictly in accordance with Swiss law, based on the VKF fire protection guidelines and the EKAS guidelines.

Safe storage of hazardous substances including oils and cleaning fluids

Heinz Hänggi GmbH

Heinz Hänggi GmbH

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