Challenge and task:

The storage capacity of the existing ink warehouse of Constania Nusser GmbH in Wangen im Allgäu was no longer sufficient. In order to avoid long internal transport routes, a new hazardous materials warehouse had to be installed in the outdoor area near the production.

In the new warehouse, 20,000 litres of flammable printing inks and solvents will be stored in 200-litre barrels and IBC by means of forklifts. Both fire and frost protection had to be taken into account.

The solution:

DENIOS AG recommended the installation of two F90 fire protection rack containers (FBM base) with double construction depth to increase storage capacity in a limited space. Both systems have an overall approval of the DIBt in Berlin and meet all legal requirements.

They can be placed outdoors without respecting safety distances. All components of the two fire protection rack containers were designed to be explosion-proof, such as technical ventilation (0.4 times air change) and heating for frost-free storage.

Result and customer benefits:

Constantia Nusser GmbH received an optimal solution tailored to the company's storage needs: space-saving, cost-effective, compliant with the law and turnkey.

DENIOS AG's many years of experience in the field of hazardous materials storage and fire and explosion protection contributed to the fact that the two fire protection rack containers could be produced, delivered and put into operation within a short period of time.

Printing ink bearings with fire and frost protection

Constantia Nusser GmbH

Constantia Nusser GmbH

Constantia Nusser GmbH in Wangen im Allgäu is a company in the packaging industry. Today, the division comprises extensive aluminium packaging for the pharmaceutical and food industries.