The challenge:
ThyssenKrupp manufacture steel plates that are then processed into moulded pieces at their production site in Dortmund, Germany. The complete coils (band steel reels) need to be coated with an oil film to protect them against corrosion. Afterwards, they are put into interim storage in a receiving frame. Drip loss at the coils' edges occur and it is important that the oil does not pollute the aisles. Sump pallets provide protection against slipping and soil contamination.

The solution:
ThyssenKrupp trusts DENIOS' longstanding experience in regards to storing hazardous materials, including products for the surface protection, such as sump pallets and bounded spill flooring.

After DENIOS staff members took exact measurements on-site in Dortmund, DENIOS manufactured perfectly fitted sump pallets in their prodution facilities in Bad Oeynhausen. The completed sump pallets were then laid in the coil store while day-to-day operations on-site were not disrupted. Owing to the short assembly duration, Thyssen's operational processes could go on as usual.

Sump pallets manufactured by DENIOS comply with the Water Protection Act and are approved by the German Institute for Building Technology in Berlin (DIBt). Meanwhile, DENIOS has laid flooring elements of more than 1,000 meters in length.

The result:
ThyssenKrupp received a law compliant surface protection in form of sump pallets in accordance with the Water Protection Act. Any drip loss caused by the coils are collected and accidents due to slipping and soil contamination are prevent. A short assembly time is guaranteed by using readily prepared elements.  The costumer saved both time and money, as the certification issued by the DIBt in Berlin made individual acceptance unnecessary.

Flat steel DENIOS

ThyssenKrupp, Dortmund

ThyssenKrupp, Dortmund

ThyssenKrupp's Business Area Steel Europe is one of the world's technologically leading producers of quality flat steel.  At their production site in Dortmund, Germany, DENIOS floor elements guarantee 1000 meters approved safety.