Fire-rated container for H&R



Crude oil is a natural resource which our modern life now benefits from in numerous ways. H&R produces more than 800 innovative, environmentally-friendly, high-quality products from this raw material, such as plasticisers, white oils and paraffins. High-precision plastic parts from H&R are used especially in the automotive industry and in medical devices.

Challenge and projectFor every product manufactured by H&R one or more samples are retained. The retention period is set by H&R and/or the customer. Depending on requirements, the storage period may be six, twelve or 24 months - in some cases as long as ten years. Until now these samples were kept in the basement of the laboratory building. Storage in this area no longer met the current safety and technical requirements, so H&R needed to take urgent action.As the current VAwS and fire-protection regulations could only be met in part and at a huge expense, H&R, in talks with the relevant authorities, agreed on storage using fire-rated containers.The solutionThe plan produced by H&R was able to be perfectly interpreted using standard DENIOS BMC-K 840X fire-rated storage containers. There were two decisive factors for the selection of this container. First it was important to ensure sufficient access even when racking was fitted. In addition, the F90 fire-protection design was needed in view of the plant and buildings located nearby.Based on the existing storage area, DENIOS provided H&R with a container store consisting of six BMC-K 840X containers, each one capable of storing 35000 to 40000 retained samples, depending on container size. Each BMC container is a self-sufficient unit and is fitted with explosion-proof climate control, which permits a constant storage temperature of 20°C. The containers are integrated into H&R's fire system and are therefore subject to the best possible technical fire monitoring. Additional fittings included door hold-open devices and local fault indication. The equipment was also provided with a sloping roof by DENIOS so that rainwater could be channelled away.

Result and customer benefits
H&R obtained a central chemical store for their retained samples in a short space of time. The new store met all the customer's current requirements for storage and handling: cost-effective and supplied ready to use. The chemical storage containers met the current regulations and made an active contribution to company environmental protection.

DENIOS's long experience in hazardous material storage and fire and explosion protection meant that the storage containers could be designed, manufactured and installed within a short time.