Challenge and task:

In the inkjet printers division of Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co KG, consumables are stored and shipped. The printer fluids delivered on pallets are flammable and must be stored in the picking area in a fire-proof manner until they are picked and shipped on demand by customers.

In order to ensure short transport distances, an F90 fire section had to be realized as a picking warehouse inside the hall.

The solution:

DENIOS supplied the customer with an F90 fire protection shelf warehouse FBM plus 614.30 for installation in doors, where the pallets can be stored reliably and safely. The loading and removal is carried out cleanly, warm and dry in the hall by means of forklifts. The fire protection shelf warehouse as well as the gate locking system have the approvals of the DIBt Berlin.

The venting of the bearing is carried out via an exhaust air connection to the outdoors.

Due to the positioning of the bearing in the interior, heating systems could be dispensed with. An additional side effect is the fast response time when picking, as there are no long distances outside.

Result and customer benefits:

The customer received a legally compliant, cost-effective and future-proof solution that is precisely tailored to his needs. If the move to another hall area is necessary, the mobility of the system can also easily respond to this challenge.

F90 Fire protection shelf warehouse as picking warehouse

Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co KG

Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co KG

Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co KG in Tuttlingen manufactures industrial numbering and marking systems for labelling products, packaging, food, automotive parts, medicines, etc.