Extending of a paint and coating warehouse

Neelsen GmbH in Bünde/Nordrhein-Westfalen

Challenge and task:
The medium-sizes Neelsen company planned to extend its paint and coating warehouse. The previous solution was to be replaced by a mobile and flexible container solution. A F90 fire rated container was necessary as the required safety margin of at least 10 meters could not be realised due to space conditions. The client needed to store products marked R10 (flammable), R11 (highly flammable) and R12 (extremely flammable).

The solution:
Using a fire rated storage container as a starting point, the DENIOS engineers designed a tailor-made solution, combining environmental protection and explosion prevention. The fire rated walk-in storage container was equipped with a technical ventilation with five fold air change per hour with ATEX certification, explosion proof lighting, a door stop device approved by the German Institution for Structural Engineering (DIBT) and equipotential bonding. As a sump pallet with 100% collection volume was required, the engineers especially constructed a 3000 l sump pallet.

Result and use:
The walk-in fire rated storage container that has been indoors, proved to be a tailor-made solution to the client's individual needs, while being space saving and cost effective. The fire rated container conforms with latest legislation and makes an active contribution towards operational environmental protection. A particular relevant feature is the integrated sump pallet with 100% collection volume, owing to the production site's location within a water protection area. Justice has been done to explosion protection.