BECOM GmbH in Hochstraß is one of the leading Austrian companies for electronic engineering & manufacturing services. Since 1985, the company has been successfully engaged in the order development and production of electronic and electromechanical assemblies and devices, from sample buildings to zero series to series production.

The challenge and task:

During cleaning work on small parts, large amounts of flammable acetone vapours are released, from which employees must be protected. Since the solvent has a very low vapour pressure, the containers into which the small parts are inserted beforehand must also be constantly extracted.

The solution:

After analysing the task, the DENIOS engineers proposed the use of an AT-Compact cleaning table in stainless steel design with a pollutant detection system. Since the acetone vapours are highly flammable, this work table was designed in ex-protection. Two tubs for inserting baths with suction connection and a drain area were integrated into the cleaning table.

Result and customer benefits:

The solution developed by DENIOS provides a huge improvement for the employees who carry out this cleaning work. The result is a clean compact solution that saves space at once. The company is enthusiastic about the structured approach to the task and the flexible handling of DENIOS and intends to commission further air technology projects at DENIOS.