Flexible, durable and modular – the new SC hazardous materials storage container from DENIOS goes into production in 2020

Once the prototype has passed an extensive testing stage, series production will begin in August, 2020, on the new DENIOS SC 2K 715 hazardous materials storage container.

When it comes to the storage of flammable and water-hazardous substances, DENIOS is unparalleled in industry experience, safety and production quality. DENIOS safety products are made to only the highest standards and supplied with all necessary certification. This SC container is the latest generation in the SC series from DENIOS, the global market leader in operational, environmental and occupational health and safety. It combines industry-defining engineering with maximum flexibility for our customers.

Made to meet your needs

The new SC container offers thousands of legally compliant configuration options, powerful new features and increased corrosion protection.

Built to handle large quantities, the new SC container is capable of storing up to eighteen IBCs or sixty 200 litre barrels. The standard model includes a fully galvanized collection tank with WHG approval, as well as a specially-designed roof drainage system for the targeted discharge of rainwater. One of the new features is the pre-galvanised basic frame and cladding, which offers higher corrosion protection and enhanced durability. Utilising modern manufacturing processes that feature precise, laser-edge technology, DENIOS is able quickly create additional parts, thereby reducing costly downtime in the event of container alterations or repairs. The use of optional grating ensures the optimum use of space for the storage of a wide variety of large containers, such as drums and IBCs. Depending on the configuration requested, there’s the option for up to three separate storage levels. The container is currently available in four versions, including thermally insulated design and an extra-deep version. By 2021, DENIOS will have 32 different SC container types, which will allow our customers to be compliant with a broad range of water hazard classes. 

Perfect planning with the variant configurator

Being at the forefront of industry technology, DENIOS offers its customers access to our exclusive variant configurator software during the planning stages. This enables our customers to try out over a thousand different equipment and configuration options before making their purchase. Using the variant configurator, customers can easily find the right solutions for their business. 

We also offer our customers access to ‘smart monitoring’ of their hazardous storage solutions through the DENIOS Connect app, as well as additional design packages with customer-specific, two-colour coatings.

Further advantages for DENIOS customers include our global production sites, located throughout Europe, USA and China, which allow DENIOS to provide an international service that caters to country-specific legislation on a worldwide scale.