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Lithium Battery Storage Solutions: Locking Away The Risk!

The potential for danger when handling lithium batteries is great. Deep discharge, fire, chemical reactions, in the worst cases, explosion - every single case means danger for employees, the business and the environment. This is where DENIOS comes into play. We offer a comprehensive range of special products for your safety. Whether you want to safely store, charge, test or transport lithium energy storage units.

Safely store & charge lithium batteries

Storage rooms for lithium batteries

For the safe storage of lithium batteries of medium to high capacity, in small or large quantities, DENIOS has walk-in warehouses and shelf storage systems in its range. All systems are produced in a stable double steel frame construction and are approved as a complete system with 90 to 120 minutes fire protection from the inside and outside. We will equip your storage space with the appropriate components from our extensive range of equipment, depending upon your particular needs.

Storage cabinets for lithium batteries

We have developed a new generation of safety cabinets for small quantities of lithium batteries of small to medium capacity - with 90 minutes fire resistance from both inside and outside. On top of fire protection on both sides, our lithium-ion cabinets have an additional safety system for fire suppression, depending on the model, as well as high-quality monitoring technology that enables the monitored charging of batteries.

Lithium batteries - a special challenge for storage systems

Whether you have to store large quantities of lithium batteries or use devices in which lithium batteries are installed, it is important to avoid damage and ensure insurance cover through proper storage. The German Association of Damage Insurers (VdS) recommends increased safety precautions to match this risk, such as storage in fire-protection-separated areas, even for batteries of medium capacity. Safety products from DENIOS offer the tried, tested and certified solutions for the safe storage of your lithium batteries with certified fire protection from inside AND outside.

When charging lithium batteries and handling damaged energy storage units, the risk is increased even further. With appropriate monitoring electronics and suitable extinguishing technology, you can take the best level of precautions possible. In our range you will find product variants specially developed for charging lithium batteries as well as an extensive range of additional safety equipment for our technical room systems.

Transporting lithium batteries in accordance with regulations

Transport boxes for lithium batteries

Our transport boxes made of steel or plastic, in combination with the filling agent PyroBubbles®, offer you excellent and certified solution options for the transport of lithium batteries. The plastic safety containers are also suitable for transporting damaged and defective lithium batteries (packaging group 2). Models made of metal are even approved for damaged, defective and transport-unsafe lithium batteries up to 400 kg (packing group 1).

The right packaging for transporting lithium batteries

A fall on hard ground can be enough to severely damage a lithium battery and deform the cells inside. This in turn quickly leads to internal short circuits and fire. No wonder that lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods in international transport law and are subject to the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

To ensure that your goods arrive safely at all times, you will find containers and boxes specially developed for transporting lithium batteries in the DENIOS online shop. For example, they allow you to position the battery securely so that it cannot slip during transport. A filling with the fire protection agent PyroBubbles® ensures that dangers are effectively contained in the event of an emergency. Especially when transporting damaged, defective or unsafe lithium batteries, it is important to be doubly careful. In these cases, approved transport containers of packaging group 1 or 2 are absolutely necessary.

Protection when testing lithium batteries

Test rooms for lithium batteries

When testing lithium batteries, aspects such as the manageability of the test object, the test procedure incl. test equipment and EDP-based data collection must be taken into account in room planning. At DENIOS, test rooms are usually designed to meet individual customer requirements. This means we provide you with a room system that is specifically tailored to your needs.

We design your bespoke safe test environment for lithium batteries

Newly developed lithium energy storage devices or products that incorporate lithium batteries for their functionality, such as hoovers or electric vehicles, must be extensively tested before they are released to the market. For example, in order to draw conclusions about the potential danger they pose or to ensure optimal compatibility of component and product, the test objects are stressed beyond their load limits using specific procedures. This is done under special safety precautions.

Test rooms for lithium batteries are set up and equipped by us according to customer-specific specifications. Your operational, application-related safety and fire protection concept forms the basis on which we plan the optimal test environment together with you. Aspects such as space requirements, installation conditions, the collection of data for customer-specific evaluations, etc. are naturally also taken into account in the room concept.

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