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Safety in the Ex-areas

At DENIOS you will find an expansive product range covering all aspects of explosion protection. This includes over 2,000 articles for use in Ex areas, with which you can cover all 3 levels of explosion protection measures.

These include, for example, solutions for the detection of hazardous substances to prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres and explosion-protected products that prevent effective ignition sources in your Ex zone. If, according to your ATEX assessment, neither an explosive atmosphere can be prevented nor the complete avoidance of ignition sources can be realised, we will equip your hazardous materials warehouse with pressure relief flaps which limit explosions to a harmless level.

Prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres

Air technology solutions from DENIOS not only enable compliance with the prescribed workplace limits, highly effective ventilation also removes explosive emissions quickly and thoroughly.

Hazardous substance workstations

DENIOS hazardous substance workstations are available as explosion-protected versions for Ex zones 1 and 2. Here they offer the user maximum safety. The installation of electrical equipment in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU for use in explosion-protected areas effectively reduces potential hazards.

See our hazardous substance workstations

Extraction systems

With our extraction arms and units, even potentially flammable gases and dusts are reliably captured.

See our extraction systems

SpillGuard® hazardous substance leak warning system

If flammable liquids leak out, an explosive atmosphere can quickly develop. To ensure that you are warned immediately in the event of an emergency, we recommend the use of the SpillGuard® hazardous substance leak warning system in the drip pan: for at least 24 hours, this triggers an acoustic and visual signal in the event of a leak.

Discover SpillGuard®

Ventilation for your hazardous materials warehouse

To counteract the development of explosive gas concentrations when storing flammable liquids, DENIOS hazardous materials storage facilities are equipped with natural or technical ventilation. Ventilation takes place near the floor and can be supplemented by exhaust air monitoring.

See our equipment options

Avoid effective ignition sources

The use of electrical and non-electrical equipment creates potential sources of ignition that can have serious consequences if they come into contact with an explosive atmosphere. By using explosion-protected equipment, you make an important contribution to daily explosion protection in your company and to the safety of your employees.

Earthing cables

When filling or transfering flammable substances, it must be taken into account that dangerous charges can arise from the flow of the liquid alone. The danger of static charging increases with the flow or pouring speed of the medium. This applies, for example, when pouring into a funnel. With the help of earthing cables, users avoid explosion hazards due to electrostatic charging.

See our earthing systems

Non-sparking tools

Ignition sparks can be caused when using commercially available steel tools, for example by hitting or dropping the tool on the floor. Non-sparking tools for hazardous areas are made of special copper-based alloys and are softer than conventional tools, minimising the risk of sparking. They are certified for use in areas where sparks are a potential explosion hazard.

See our non-sparking tools

Hand pumps

Hand pumps are the classic solution for filling and transferring from drums. Our products ensure safe pumping, even in hazardous areas. Our hand pumps for are DEKRA-tested and can be earthed with separately available earthing cables or anti-static sets.

See our hand pumps

Electric pumps

Our electric pumps for hazardous areas have motors that are designed to ensure the units can be operated safely. Non-electrical components are designed in such a way that hot surfaces, for example, are also avoided as ignition sources. To dissipate static electricity, they are already supplied including potential equalisation cable.

See our electric pumps

Compressed air pumps

Compressed air pumps used in hazardous areas must comply with strict safety guidelines. DENIOS compressed air pumps are equipped with a wide range of features and are approved according to ATEX and IEC EX.

See our compressed air pumps

Mixers and agitators

Whether for stirring, homogenising or dissolving: Mixers and agitators reliably keep liquids moving. For mixing flammable liquids, we offer you agitators that meet the requirements of the ATEX directive.

See our mixers and agitators

Explosion protection for your technical room system

The necessary components for the safety equipment of your technical room system are derived from your operational, legal and insurance requirements. Based on your ATEX assessment and a needs analysis related to your specific requirements, we work with you to agree on the most appropriate explosion-protected safety equipment.

If your ATEX assessment indicates an Ex zone, we offer you fittings that mitigate a potential spark source in the Ex zone in the appropriate Ex design. Optional earthing devices are available for potential equalisation. These include earthing bars for earthing equipment inside the room system as well as earthing lugs for connection outside on the customer side.

Ex-heating jackets

Our explosion-protected heating jackets for drums, IBCs and gas cylinders are a perfect solution for the flexible heating of individual containers. These are particularly useful if the containers need to be mobile.

See our Ex-heating jackets

Flashlights and headlamps

Industrial torches and headlamps provide better visibiliy, for example during inspections or maintenance work. Powerful and robust, they are ideal for mobile use. Here we offer you approved products for all Ex zones.

See our torches and headlamps

Containers with Ex-protection

In our range you will find dissipative or antistatic canisters as well as drums and IBCs in Ex design.

See our containers for Ex areas

Liquid and safety vacuum cleaner

With suction cup for picking up liquids or dusts for safe surface cleaning in hazardous areas.

See our safety vacuum cleaners

Steel spill trays

Products that do not have their own potential source of ignition that can become an effective source of ignition do not fall under the ATEX directive and can thus be used in Ex areas even without labelling. This also includes our steel spill pallets and trays. Electrostatic charges can be prevented by effective earthing.

See our steel spill trays

Small steel container trays

We offer a wide selection of small container trays made of steel for the storage of smaller quantities of flammable liquids. Compact in dimensions and easy to handle, DENIOS small container trays come as stationary individual trays or as transport units on Euro pallets.

See our small steel container trays

Emergency showers

The free-standing, heated and insulated body shower with eye shower was specially developed for use in Ex areas.

See our emergency showers

Containing explosions

Pressure relief surfaces for your technical room system

Pressure relief areas can be installed in the roof area of your technical room system providing active safety in the event of an explosion. Controlled pressure equalisation prevents dire scenarios such as the destruction of the room, the endangering of staff through doors tearing open or energy being released in an uncontrolled manner. After the pressure wave has dissipated, the pressure relief device closes automatically and seals the room system. Fire protection properties remain intact.

Find out about our equipment options

Marking Ex-Zones

Ex zone signs

We also offer a comprehensive range of identification signs for marking potentially explosive areas. This shows employees at a glance in which work areas there is a risk of explosion and they must take special care.

See our Ex-Zone signs

Floor markings

Floor markings play an important role for safety in hazardous areas. With the self-adhesive markings the Ex zones can also be visually divided and make hazardous areas visible to employees. Our floor markings for hazardous areas are available either with a neutral inscription "Ex-Zone" or printed with specific information (e.g. "Ex-Zone 22").

See our floor markings
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