Storing and dispensing disinfectants and sanitisers

Frequent Traveller - DENIOS LTD - now imperative for businesses / most cost-efficient storage of disinfectants

The safety of passengers, customers, and colleagues in the transportation industries is now more crucial than ever following the recent pandemic.

With the advanced requirement of hygiene provision, this has led to an increased demand for disinfectants and sanitizers. These safety measures are essential for helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus among employees, but they also create new hazards in the workplace. For example, the chemicals used to make the majority of disinfectants are highly flammable, leading to a legal requirement for businesses to invest in appropriate storage and handling solutions.

Additional health and safety measures ultimately result in extra costs, which is even more financially painful in times of decreasing passenger numbers. 

Therefore, the most cost-efficient solution to the storage and distribution of disinfectants and sanitizers is now imperative for businesses.

DENIOS designs, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of products related to hazardous materials storage, environmental protection, and health and safety at work. We are proud to say that our ever-growing product range has helped protect people, workplaces and the environment in every corner of the world, for several decades.

4 Areas of COVID-19 Safety Solutions at DENIOS

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STORAGE of Hand Sanitiser Liquid & Disinfectants

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DISTRIBUTION of hand sanitisers and disinfectants from bulk storage

Drum Lifters - essential for decanting disinfectants and sanitiser

Decanting from large drums manually without the aid of equipment can put your employees at risk of injury. Transferring contents from a chemical drum can easily lead to spills which when working with flammable chemicals like most disinfectants can cause serious accidents.

One of the benefits of drum lifters is that in the long run, they can save you money. For example, reducing the amount of wastage from spillages, extra time spent using people and time spent on potential accidents.

EX Proof, ATEX Approved Drum Pumps

Almost all disinfectants are flammable. Not only can the liquids be flammable, but the vapours from these hazardous chemicals can also be flammable. When distributing large amounts of disinfectants or sanitiser from one storage method to another, it is essential that you use ATEX rated drum pumps when working with flammable chemicals.

All businesses that use flammable liquids in their operations need to ensure that their employees can safely fill, refill and empty drums and containers containing these liquids, preventing exposure to the liquids and the fumes that these liquids can generate.

DISPENSING of hand sanitisers and disinfectants

FALCON safety cans and sprays for safe and cost-efficient disinfecting

Our market-leading FALCON safety cans and sprays are designed for safety and precision, making them the ideal choice for storing and dispensing disinfectants. These spray cans are perfect for hygiene-maintenance during coronavirus concerns.

Your staff will be safe, distributing disinfectant from containers such as drums or IBCs to these spray cans. Not only this, but we also have two versions below where you can manually control the output of disinfectant when spraying.

The extensive FALCON range includes filling cans, jerry cans and storage and transport containers for the safe handling of aggressive substances, as well as spray cans for the safe use of disinfectants.

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DENSORB Universal Absorbents - Emergency Spill Kits for when dispensing or distributing disinfectants goes wrong

In facilities where commercial or industrial equipment is used, fluid spills are often inevitable. And this is even more so when dispensing and distributing disinfectant from one container or store to another. Companies can always take precautions to reduce spills, but unfortunately, there is no way of eliminating them altogether.

This is where our universal absorbents come in. DENSORB Universal Absorbents are tough, long-lasting and able to withstand even the harshest of disinfectants. Not only this, their high absorption ability means that you save money by using less.

MARKING products to enable social distancing

Floor Marking to guide social distancing

When serving a wide range of people who use your services or business, it can be challenging to keep them all safe with social distancing measures. Even with signage with clear instructions, people can often go back to pre-COVID19 behaviour of not maintaining 2 metres social distancing.

A simple and cost-efficient solution to help protect your customers and staff is by making use of high-quality floor marking tape or paint. Save costs in the long-term by using the high quality, high-endurance floor marking tape and paint products available at DENIOS.

Barriers to encourage social distancing

Belt or chain barriers are ahighly cost-efficient solution to encourage social distancing and provide safe routes for people on your premises.

One of the advantages of belt barriers is that they are adjustable and can be modified according to requirements.

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