PE Products

Practical Polyethylene Products

Extremely light yet robust and highly resistant to acids and alkali: Polyethylene (PE) is the all-rounder among plastics. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of proven polyethylene products in our online shop - from a spill pallet to a versatile multi-purpose container.

Safe Storage of Hazardous Materials

Storing & Dispensing

To meet a variety of storing and dispensing requirements we offer a range of spill pallets, surface protection systems and dispensing stations made of high quality polyethylene.

While PE spill pallets primarily ensure safe and compliant storage, polyethylene filling stations also make it possible to safely dispense and transfer from drums or IBCs stored on them at any time. Surface protection systems are special floor elements made of polyethylene that protect large areas from leaking liquids or spray losses.

Safe Storage - Inside & Out 


For the safe storage of aggressive chemicals in work areas we recommend using hazardous material cabinets. In our online shop you will find a wide range of PE cabinets in different dimensions. For outdoor storage, we recommend our PE hazardous material depots. These are particularly well suited for storing 205 litre drums and IBCs.

Practical Dispensing

Polyethylene funnels and taps allow for the safe and reliable transfer and decanting of aggressive chemicals and water-polluting. The FALCON LubriFlex filling cans are also made of durable PE and have been specially developed for the safe, clean and convenient dosing of liquids. They are particularly suitable for the use of lubricants.

Containers for Hazardous Materials

The DENIOS range contains IBCs, drums and canisters made of high quality polyethylene in all common sizes. We also offer transport container solutions made of PE in accordance with GGV and UN. PE industrial tanks with volumes of up to 5,000 litres are ideal for storing larger quantities of chemicals.

Versatile Multi-Purpose Containers

Stacking and tilting containers made of polyethylene convince by their optimal material properties: They are robust, stable, seamlessly manufactured and also easy to clean. Tipping skips made of polyethylene can be emptied by manual tilting over the wheel axle of the casters in a pit or in a deeper well and are therefore also used for the separate collection of recyclables or waste. PE stacking containers enable particularly space-saving collection and provision of your stored goods and valuable materials.

Did you know?

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic and an ideal material for hazardous substance storage products. PE has a high media resistance to acids, alkali, oils and other water pollutants. Another advantage: PE is absolutely corrosion-free.

Users also benefit from the material properties of the polyethylene in terms of handling: in comparison to other materials, it is very lightweight and therefore particularly easy to handle. At the same time PE is also robust, impact-resistant and weather-resistant - ideal conditions for industrial applications indoors and outdoors. Just a true all-rounder!

Polyethylene is divided into 4 main types:

  • HDPE (high density)
  • MDPE (medium density)
  • LDPE (low density)
  • LLDPE (linear low density PE)

The different varieties also have different material properties. For example, LDPE has very little resistance to hydrocarbons, HDPE can be used for fuel tanks.

Are you unsure whether a polyethylene product is suitable for your stored media? Then take a look at our media resistance list:

Quality From Our Own Production

DENIOS PE products are made of rotomoulded plastic components. Powdered thermoplastic is heated in hollow body forms to the melting point. By rotating the molds, the liquefied thermoplastic settles on the walls of the mold layer by layer. The molds are produced in our own production facility in Germany. During production, only materials with the appropriate approval are used. 

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