Safety 2021: Our solutions for you

Safety 2021: Our solutions for you

We always aim to provide innovative products and services that add value for our customers and that help protect our natural environment.  This year, once again, DENIOS is offering you a wide range of innovative products, as highlighted below.

DENIOS main catalogue 2021

Your complete environmental protection and safety range.

We have over 800 pages full of tried and tested products, top sellers and our latest innovations. This includes:

  • Storage of hazardous substances
  • Handling of hazardous substances
  • Tank systems and containers
  • Occupational safety
  • Cleaning and disposal
  • Factory equipment

In addition to this, the DENIOS main catalogue provides you with our expert knowledge of legal requirements and regulations, practical selection aids and service tips on our numerous information pages.

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DENIOS main catalogue 2021

Our new products

Depots with space-saving shutters

Our popular PolySafe hazardous material depots, made of highly resistant polyethylene, are now also available with space-saving roller shutters. This door variant is the optimal solution for tight spaces and creates compact storage space for barrels and small containers without impairing the surrounding area with open doors. This also gives you more leeway for internal traffic routes, for example, the required minimum width of which must be kept free at all times according to Section 5 ASR A1.8.



Collection sumps pro-line with integrated leak indicator

A leak inside the collecting tray must be cleaned up as soon as possible. It is not only important to restore the legally prescribed collection volume, but also to counteract the dangers of escaping vapours. The new pro-line collecting sumps make visual inspection easier for you: the grids are equipped with an integrated leak indicator. If there is liquid in the collecting sump, this is indicated by a plastic pen in an easy to spot red. There is no need for time consuming clearing and lifting of the grating to check for leaks.



IBC collecting sumps improved structural design - you save 18% storage space!

Outstanding design is what makes the function product even more valuable, collecting  sumps are a case in point. DENIOS engineers work constantly to improve our products. The new generation of collecting  sumps for 2 IBCs from DENIOS now offers a width that has been reduced by 18%. This means you can save space in your storage of hazardous materials. The legally required collecting volume of 1,000 litres is of course still met, and IBCs can be optimally placed on the collecting sump.