Lithium batteries: take the risk!

Lithium batteries: Stay safe!

There are significant risks involved in the handling of lithium-ion batteries. While deep discharging, fires, chemical reactions, and in the worst cases, explosions are not a regular occurrence with these items, when they do happen, they are a major, destructive and costly hazard. Every single case means danger for employees, companies and the environment. This is where DENIOS comes in - we offer a comprehensive range of advanced safety solutions, designed to keep businesses safe when dealing with lithium-ion batteries. 

Store and charge lithium batteries safely

Lithium batteries pose particular challenges to storage systems. Regardless of whether you have to store large amounts of lithium batteries or use devices in which lithium batteries are installed - the aim is to prevent damage by storing them properly and in accordance with your insurance cover. For example, the Association of Non-Life Insurers (VdS) recommends increased safety precautions for medium-sized batteries, such as storage in areas separated by fire protection. With certified fire protection from inside and outside, DENIOS security products offer the optimal design for the safe storage of your lithium batteries.

When charging lithium batteries and handling damaged energy stores, the risks involved increase significantly. This is where you need appropriate monitoring electronics and suitable extinguishing technology. In our range, you will find products developed for charging lithium-ion batteries as well as an extensive range of additional safety equipment for our technical room systems.

Transport lithium-ion batteries in accordance with regulations

Potential hazards from lithium-ion batteries are considerable during transport. A fall on hard ground can be enough to damage a lithium battery, deforming the inside cells. This can quickly lead to internal short circuits and a fire. For this reason, lithium-ion batteries are considered dangerous goods according to international transport law, and are subject to regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

To ensure that your goods arrive safely at all times, we provide containers and boxes specially developed for the transport of lithium-ion batteries - which you can find in the DENIOS online shop. These products keep batteries in a secure position, ensuring that they don't slip during transport. Filling container with a fire extinguishing product, such as the PyroBubbles® fire protection agent, ensures that any dangerous developments during transportation are effectively contained.

You have to be extra vigilant when transporting damaged, defective or transport-unsafe lithium-ion batteries. In these cases, approved transport containers of packing group 1 or 2 are mandatory. Here too we have the right solutions in our program.

Testing lithium-ion batteries

Newly developed lithium energy storage devices and products, such as vacuum cleaners and electric cars, must be extensively tested before they are released to mass market. In order to draw conclusions about the potential dangers any new product may pose to the general public, one of the tests that can be used is to stress an object beyond its load limits. For obvious reasons, this must take place under special safety conditions.

DENIOS test rooms for lithium-ion batteries are designed, built and fully equipped to customer-specific requirements. Your operational model and safety and fire standards form the basis for designing the perfect testing environment - meeting your exact needs and specifications. Design aspects, such as space requirements, installation conditions and data collection, are all taken into account when creating the room concept.

Case Studies

In view of the fire hazard posed by lithium batteries, companies should have a safety concept for handling them. This not only serves to ensure personal safety, but also to guarantee insurance cover. Find out from exciting practical examples how other DENIOS customers deal with this challenge.


As a global manufacturer with 30 years' experience in high-quality safety products, hazardous substances and fire protection - we are able to offer our customers established expertise in the safe storage, transport and testing of lithium-ion batteries.

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