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Flexible, durable and modular – the new SC hazardous materials storage container from DENIOS goes into production in 2020!

Once the prototype has passed an extensive testing stage, series production will begin in August, 2020, on the new DENIOS SC 2K 715 hazardous materials storage container. This SC container is the latest generation in the SC series from DENIOS, the global market leader in operational, environmental and occupational health and safety. It combines industry-defining engineering with maximum flexibility for our customers. 

The new system offers our customers thousands of legally compliant configuration options, powerful new features and increased corrosion protection. On request, we can arrange to advise you onsite and configure a storage solution that's been tailored to your needs using the variant configurator, an advanced piece of software developed by DENIOS.



The Advantages

The latest product in the SC series comes with many advantages:

  • Our standard version of the SC hazardous materials warehouse is already approved for the storage of water-polluting substances, and includes:
  • Access to thousands of legally compliant configurations for your storage solutions 
  • Increased corrosion protection through galvanized base materials and fully galvanized drip pan
  • Modern manufacturing processes featuring precise, laser-edge technology mean that spare and additional parts can be quickly supplied to reduce expensive downtime
  • Extensive stress testing to ensure product safety and durability
  • Option for access to exclusive smart monitoring system DENIOS Connect
  • Products are supplied directly from the manufacturer
  • Access to DENIOS international network, including 20 subsidiaries and 7 production sites across Europe, Asia, the US and China.
  • With DENIOS, you benefit from our 30 years' experience in hazardous storage and handling solutions

Standard containers

Our standard version of the SC hazardous materials warehouse is already approved for the storage of water-polluting substances, and includes:

  • Tested, fully-galvanised drip pan in the lower storage level
  • Galvanised base frame and outer cladding for increased corrosion protection
  • Sliding gates in a modern, sectional design
  • Gratings made of high-strength material (S500) as a shelf
  • Optional for omission of gratings in the first storage level to facilitate pallet storage
  • Version for temperature-sensitive fabrics with thermal insulation
  • Security lock to protect against unauthorised access
  • Specially-designed roof drainage

Technical data (SC 2K 715)

  • Storage capacity: 12 IBC / 8 CP / 16 EP / 40 200 l barrels
  • Collection volume: 2400 liters
  • Body dimensions (W x D x H): 7140 mm x 1720 mm x 3585 mm
  • Compartment dimensions (W x D x H): 3380 mm x 1310 mm x 1350 mm
  • Weight: 2334 kg
  • Shelf load: 5,900 kg

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