Cooling Chambers and Cooling Rooms


We attach great importance to energy efficiency in our cooling chambers and rooms. Homogeneous insulation properties over the entire outer shell and the use of structural components with low temperature transitions lead to a reduction in energy consumption of up to 50%.

Temperature ranges from 0 ° C to 35 ° C are optimally covered and equipped with cooling or air conditioning units as required. Rack storage systems or walk-in room systems are manufactured with a positioning capacity of up to 16 IBC or 24 drums of 200 liters each.

Additional options can be selected:

  • Ex protection
  • Fire protection from inside and outside
  • GMP-compliant equipment
  • Installation gallery, roller tracks
  • Optional equipment as a hazardous substance storage thanks to integrated drip tray




Project process

DENIOS Product Brochures

A wide range of further details on our tailor-made solutions, product details and extensive accessories descriptions can be found in the DENIOS main catalog, which is published annually. In addition, we offer comprehensive product brochures for our customers in the fields of hazardous substance storage technology, air technology, thermotechnology, technical and safety areas, cleaning technology as well as service and maintenance. Please visit our download section.

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Service and Maintenance

The protection function of a hazardous substance cabinet or hazardous substance container should also be maintained in the long term. Periodic maintenance is necessary for this and is therefore required by the legislature. DENIOS is guided by this recommendation and submits an annual safety inspection to the products concerned. Our customers benefit from the DENIOS service package:

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