We are climate neutral!

Humanity is currently living as if it had 1.7 earths at its disposal. According to WWF, the annual consumption in 2020 will be two, 2050 even three planets. An end to this trend is not in sight.

At DENIOS we are committed to nature - not just with our products. Many measures for the protection of the environment and resources are already used in our daily work.

  • With the help of a 1,000 square meter photovoltaic system on the roof and heat recovery from production, a CO2-neutral building was already built.

  • The production hall and rooms are heated by means of the waste heat from the rotary process. Heat recovery is also carried out from our compressed air systems and the varnishing.

  • For optimal and at the same time energy-saving light, LED lights, which are controlled by motion detectors.

  • Overall, the construction and management area was increased by 15%, while the energy demand / m² was also reduced by 25%.

  • Even with modernization and construction measures in our international plants, CO2 efficiency and lower energy consumption will be paid even more attention in the future. For example, the plant opened in 2016 in the Czech Republic.

  • A combined heat and power plant (CHP) ensures electricity generation and waste heat is used.

EcoVadis Certification

EcoVadis is a sustainability assessment platform that evaluates and evaluates suppliers on the basis of a comprehensive questionnaire and the submission of relevant documents. Specifically, DENIOS as a manufacturer had to demonstrate the efficiency in the areas of environment, work practices, business practices and sustainable procurement.

With our Silver Award, we are in the upper third of all qualified companies. This is a remarkable success, which we are very pleased with. The demands of our customers and legislation have risen sharply in recent years. The fact that we are among the top performers proves that we are on the right track.

We are ISO certified

We are committed to the efficient, careful and economical use of all our resources. With this commitment, we are certified according to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 50001 (energy management).

Our international commitment

In addition to the above, we have chosen to support an extraordinary project to compensate for our emissions: the project "China Yonguhou Xhiangqi Hydropower", which is concerned with the production of renewable energy from hydropower at Xiangjjang River in China.

This project was set up under the supervision of TÜV Rheinland 2012, has been further developed and has been regularly tested by TÜV since then. This project suits us, because the element "water" has always played an important role for DENIOS.

Many of our products have exactly this goal: to protect this most important elixir of nature from man-made influences.