Pallet Trucks - Scissor Lifting Table

DENIOS offers an extensive product range for safe transportation of hazardous materials around your production facility. Drum lifting equipment, pallet trucks, cranes, scissor lift tables and bunded drum trolleys in a host of different sizes will enable you to fulfill all your everyday requirements.

Pallet trucks type Basic
Heavy duty pallet truck type Pro
Stainless steel pallet truck for corrosion protection, type Gl 4
Polyethylene bunded drum trolley, 60 litres, type PolySafe Euro
Sack truck type G
Workshop trolley with 2 steel spill trays
Lightweight construction crane LBK K
Pallet truck type Ergo
Platform truck with push handle type PW
Crane arms, type KA
Crane arms extendible and height adjustable, type KV,
Double scissor lifting table
Manual stacker type HD
Workshop trolley with 2 platforms type TWP
Lifting trolley with 600kg load capacity

We have the right product for you. Check our online shop for information:

  • Pallet trucks, drum lifters and other lifting equipment
  • Scissor lifting tables and mobile lifting tables
  • Cranes
  • Transportation using bunded drum trolleys and workshop trolleys

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