Waste collection & outdoor recycling

Outdoor waste collection systems demand the same requirements as indoor waste collection, but the working environment normally demands a higher degree of durability, to compensate for the extra abuse caused by both people and the weather.

DENIOS take this into consideration, manufacturing products that have a higher level of shock resistant and are manufactured from weather proof materials.

DENIOS' 25 years of experience ensures you have the very best available to industry today.

Polyethylene litter bin, model A80, 80 litre
Steel conical ashtray, free-standing
Wire mesh waste bin, 33 litres, free-standing
Waste paper bin with removable ashtray, 72 litre
Polyethylene safety ashtray, free-standing
Stainless steel push bin, 45 litre
Steel out-door litter bin with safety cover, 45 litre
Galvanized steel litter bin, 27 litre
Perforated galvanized steel waste paper bin, 33 litre, free-standing
Polyethylene conical ashtray, free-standing
Polyethylene litter bin, model A120
Polyethylene litter bin, model A120
Polyethylene litter bin, model A120
Polyethylene litter bin, model A120
Smoking shelters

A clean and tidy entrance area makes a good first impression on clients.Cigarette butts, dirt and litter do not present your company in a good light. Keep tidy with:

  • Waste bins made from corrosion-free Polyethylene (PE)
  • Waste paper bins, stainless steel waste paper bins
  • Waste bin and ashtray combinations
  • Wall mounted and free standing ashtrays
  • Shelters

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