Waste collection & recycling on production sites & indoors

Waste materials occur in every business, their safe disposal is now an extensive process. A large proportion of waste material is currently considered recyclable and can be incorporated back into the economic cycle.

But there are still safety aspects to be considered when disposing of hazardous materials, such as oxidizing substances, flammables, batteries a whole host of materials that is brought together and not properly segregated could lead to a very explosive atmosphere.

Galvanized fluorescent tube storage boxes, up to 1,100 tubes
Wheelie bins, up to 340 litre capacity
Stainless steel recycling bin unit with fire-safe flap lids
Polyethylene tipping skip
Modular recycling bins, 40 litre capacity
Polyethylene tipping skip with forklift underframe, optional wheels and castors
Stainless steel waste bin ashtray combination, 50 litre
Push bins, 40 litre
Modular recycling bins with inner waste sack liner and pedal operated, 45 litre
Steel self-extinguishing waste paper bin, 50 litres
FALCON steel oily waste containers / cans
FALCON steel oily waste containers / cans
Fire-resistant recycling bin station with 45 litre internal bins

The collection of waste, recycling material and hazardous substances pose many different problems for a business, including consideration for how the waste will be collected by the respective waste contractor. DENIOS offers the perfect product solution for all your applications:

  • Slim Jim recycling containers and collecting stations
  • Safety bins and oily waste containers
  • Recycling waste sack holders and wheelie bins
  • Polyethylene tipping skips
  • Used battery and fluorescent tube containers

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