Parts cleaner units / bio.x biological cleaning tables

In many different industrial sectors part cleaning units are used for a variety of purposes: to clean or degrease small components or in preparation for paint and print processes.

The DENIOS bio.x product range, for use by one or two employees, replaces solvent-based cleaners with environmentally friendly biological cleaning agents that are not subject to solvent valuation. The combination of the bio.x parts cleaner unit and bio.x cleaning fluid creates an environmentally friendly system. This ergonomic and user-friendly system comes complete with a comprehensive range of accessories and most important - remember that due to the lack of solvents, it is not harmful to the health of employees.

Parts cleaner units
Parts cleaning unit, F2
Parts cleaning unit, KP
Parts cleaning unit, bio.x C 500
Parts cleaning unit, bi.x B 200
Hot water cleaner unit, solvent free parts cleaning
Parts cleaning unit, bio.x C 800

Whatever your requirements, DENIOS offers a wide range of products for parts cleaning. Ranging from a parts cleaner unit for the safe and convenient cleaning of large component parts at worktop height, down to tabletop parts cleaner units for small parts cleaning.

In addition DENIOS can provide parts cleaner units to handle fluids with a flashpoint of >55° C and cleaning tables utilising the natural cleaning processes provided by biological bio.x fluids.

  • Parts cleaner units
  • Parts cleaning tanks - free-standing and tabletop options
  • Parts cleaning tanks
  • bio.x cleaning tables
  • Hot water cleaners

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