Work safety and industrial supplies

Occupational Safety and Industrial Supply

DENIOS is the expert for storing and handling hazardous materials safely, but another vital aspect of daily production processes, is the protection of the workforce. 

Combining safety and effectiveness, DENIOS offers both safety equipment and practical assistance in day-to-day work practices:

  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • First aid and emergency showers
  • Biological parts cleaner units
  • Tipping skips and stacking container pallets
  • Recycling bins and containers, and waste collection
Cleaning and disposal

Cleaning and Disposal

Solvent free biological parts cleaner units are also part of the DENIOS product range. We also offer container systems for the economical handling of parts cleaner fluids and the safe collection of waste residues and waste materials. mehr

Equipment for production / on site

Production Site Equipment

Tipping skips, stacking container pallets, transport and lifting equipment, safety labels and collision protection systems help make facilities safer and production processes more efficient. mehr

Work safety / PPE

Work Safety Equipment

PPE and emergency safety equipment are essential for employee protection, including anti fatigue matting, emergency showers, eye wash stations and first aid equipment. mehr