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Tipping Skips

DENIOS tipping skips are designed to simplify the holding, movement and disposal of goods and waste in work areas and to improve efficiency.

Steel Tipping Skips

  • Available in a range of designs
  • CE marked and comply with UK health and safety guidelines
  • Built from a sturdy design and manufactured from mild sheet steel
  • Suitable for collecting, transporting and disposing of all kinds of bulk goods
  • Available either painted or hot-dip galvanised.

Polyethylene Tipping Skips

  • Load capacities of up to 1000kg available
  • Made from environmentally friendly polyethylene
  • Stable, impact resistant and liquid tight with a high resistance to many aggressive substances
  • Easy to clean
  • Supplied with castors to ensure easy manoeuvrability and forklift pockets for easy internal transport and tipping

DENIOS Tipping skips

Tipping skips are the perfect solution when it comes to moving leftover materials from a building site, work station or factory location. At DENIOS we have a large selection of tipping skips for you to choose from which include both steel or polyethylene models.

DENIOS tipping skips boast a number of advantages. They are easy-to-clean, sturdy and weather resistant. They are also corrosion free, a decided advantage if you have to move hazardous substances. The tips are seamless and leak proof and both these features make our tipping skips easy to handle and ideal if you are moving material that may leak once placed inside the tip. Or perhaps you need a skip that will open suddenly and empty its contents quickly and safely? Or maybe you are moving bulk goods? Or would you prefer a skip with an integrated spring mechanism to limit the amount of tipping possible? Whatever your preference we have a solution for you.

Our Polyskip Type W has been designed to make the task of manually moving waste an easy one. Thanks to the model's large polyamide castors, the skip may be moved or emptied with minimum effort. The skip is available in four colours and has a capacity of 300 to 1000 litres.

Our Polyskip TR comes with a subframe which is easily inserted when being moved by forklift truck. The DENIOS Polyskip Plus unit has been manufactured to cope with extra heavy loads of up to 1000 kg. It is ideally suited for companies where the movement of heavy materials is a frequent task. The model is stable, impact-resistant, comes with an extra high hopper and has castors and wheels to facilitate movement. A set of special spring dampers allows the tipping to occur smoothly and slowly with no danger of the unit being damaged.

The Polymax tipping skip is not only liquid tight and environmentally friendly, it also has a galvanised steel frame which makes fork lift cross bar turning and tipping possible.

Our Bottom Action tipping skip model is especially designed to be easy to empty. Once the driver activates the cable, the bottom of the skip snaps opens immediately. This is perfect for solid materials or loads such chippings and shavings. It also possesses a solid steel frame and has an integrated sump for liquids. The base of the skip also opens out a great deal which means nothing gets left behind.

Our NB tipping skip is a good choice if a particularly low height is of significance. For bulk goods, the special scissor mechanism of our Bulk Goods model hinders sudden tipping and leads to a very smooth functioning. The base is extremely sturdy and the skip body is produced from a 3mm steel sheet. The model has fork pockets and can be purchased powder-coated blue of hot-dip galvanised.

Whatever tipping skip you may be looking for, the DENIOS variety and price-performance ratio makes it well worth while taking a look at our catalogue!