IBC Heating Jackets - Drum Heaters


Different materials and many production heat related processes require pinpoint accurate preparation. The practical thermo technology solutions available from DENIOS are designed to meet your individual requirements.

Drum heater bands and heating jackets for drums and IBCs are ideal when you need to heat just a single drum or IBC.

Flexible drum heating belts
Flexible drum heating belts
Steel drum heating belt
Drum heating jacket LM 3
IBC heating jacket LM 4
Insulation cover for 205 litre drums
Drum heater type FH-K 1.5
Insulated drum cover for use with Induction drum heaters
Drum heating jacket
IBC heating jacket for Ex-protected areas, type LM 3
Drum heating jacket for Ex-protected areas, type LM 3.A Ex
Drum base heaters, IBP
Induction drum base heaters, IBP
GFK hood for use with Induction drum heater
  • Drum and IBC heating jackets for container sizes from 25 to 1,000 litres, also available in explosion proof versions.
  • Mobile drum heaters up to 300° C.
  • Drum heating belts manufactured from steel or flexible vulcanized silicone mat.
  • Drum base heating plates and induction drum heaters
  • Insulation covers to guard against cooling in the top of the drum

Additional information: Thermotechnology - effectively heat, cool or melt materials - IBC Heating Jackets - Drum Heaters

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Suitable for the following hazardous material classifications:

extremely flammable or highly flammable
harmful to one's health
hazardous to one's health
environmentally hazardous

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