Thermo technology - Heating, cooling or melting efficiently

Thermo technology - Heating, Cooling, Temperature-control, Melting and Drying

Temperature sensitive substances play an important role in many industrial sectors. Chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries require temperature-controlled systems that precisely harmonize with other production processes. Modern thermo technology solutions offer temperature control, frost-free storage, thermal processing, refrigeration and air-conditioning.

DENIOS has been developing and manufacturing effective thermo technology solutions for over 25 years.

Drum heaters, drum and IBC heating jackets

IBC Heating Jackets & Drum Heaters

Mobile and flexible heating solutions for single drums or IBCs

Heating chambers and cases

Heated containers and heater boxes

Heating or melting substances, internally or externally. Storing drums or IBCs individually or in large quantities. mehr

Cooling chambers and rooms

Cooling cabinets and cooling walk-in containers

Keep cool, even if things get hot: No problem with refrigeration and air-conditioning containers by DENIOS, the experts in hazardous material storage. DENIOS the specialist in Organic Peroxide Storage mehr

Custom-tailored solutions for thermo technology

Tailor-made thermo technology solutions

Special solutions for individual applications. DENIOS offers tailor-made products in a range of sizes and materials to suit all industry sectors. mehr