Switchgear container

Decentralised technology is often sited at unusual and remote locations. Whether at a harbour terminal, substation, level crossing or large scale construction site: Risks which are hard to evaluate such as fire, break-in or vandalism can limit the operation of electrical switchgear or prevent its operation altogether. Not to mention the risks to life and financial losses due to downtime and repairs.

Switchgear container
Switchgear container
Switchgear container
Switchgear container

Switch cabinet Containers from DENIOS meet the highest requirements in terms of load capacity and safety. The stable base components and steel frame construction are always part of the protection design:

  • Internal and external fire protection
  • Technical ventilation
  • Break in security

Additional information: Technical containers - Switchgear container

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Suitable for the following hazardous material classifications:

extremely flammable or highly flammable
harmful to one's health
hazardous to one's health
environmentally hazardous

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