Decontamination room

Protection of workers is always the top priority - especially when handling radioactively-contaminated parts. Based on its technical / safety room, DENIOS has supplied its customer in this case with a decontamination room as a house-in-house system. This decontamination washroom is made in stainless steel inside and in sendzimir galvanised sheet steel outside. It is used for the cleaning of tools with surface radioactivity contamination, before they are permitted to leave the controlled area of the plant. It helps to keep workers fully protected while they carry out the cleaning operations with the use of an external air supply.

Decontamination room
Decontamination room
Decontamination room

Additional features and key data:

  • Design as a house-in-house solution
  • Assembly on the customer's site
  • Insulated
  • Welded liquid-tight
  • Doors with viewing window and additional service flap
  • Personnel airlock
  • Tool airlock with motorised opening in the roof area
  • Connection points for customer media and electrical connections
  • Connection for drainage to customer disposal system

Additional information: Special container - Decontamination room

Information sheets and brochures

Suitable for the following hazardous material classifications:

extremely flammable or highly flammable
harmful to one's health
hazardous to one's health
environmentally hazardous

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