Dosing station

DENIOS engineers will provide solutions which meet your requirements in the best way possible. Our dosing containers can also be used as mixing rooms for paints and dyes. The rooms can also be used for the centralised housing of process gases directly in the production area. The internal arrangement may be altered at any time to suit a change in your requirements. Even a change of location at a later date is no problem, thanks to the room's mobility.

If the available space does not permit safety distances to be adhered to, these rooms are available with F90 fire protection with general approval from the DIBt in Berlin. This F90 technology from DENIOS makes them suitable for location indoors or outdoors without a safety distance.

Dosing station
Dosing station
Dosing station
Dosing station
Dosing station
Dosing station

Other fittings available:

  • Climate control for protection of dyes or gases against the negative effects of temperature variations
  • Technical ventilation to extract flammable vapours
  • Silicone free design
  • Construction of an ex-proof inner area
  • Halfen rails for mounting gas cylinders
  • Wall break-through points for pipes
  • Pressure relief
  • Non-walk-in systems may have a sliding door or a space-saving roller door, instead of wing doors
  • Flexible door design ensures optimum conditions for loading and replacing containers at a later date
  • Large internal height ensures it is easy to fill or mix substances in the stored containers

Additional information: Laboratory containers - Dosing station

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Suitable for the following hazardous material classifications:

extremely flammable or highly flammable
harmful to one's health
hazardous to one's health
environmentally hazardous

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