• 4 drum galvanised spill pallet
  • 8 drum steel spill pallet
  • Polyethylene spill pallet
  • 4 drum spill pallet
  • IBC spill pallet

Spill Pallets

DENIOS spill pallets offer the necessary protection for storing water hazardous substances, in accordance with HSE legislation and Environment Pollution Prevention Guideline PPG 26 regulations.  Suitable for storing small containers, drums and IBCs and dependent on the stored media, DENIOS spill pallets are manufactured from steel, stainless steel or polyethylene.

The Benefits:

  • Designed for storing small containers, drums and IBCs
  • Fully compliant with HSE Legislation and Environment Pollution Prevention Guideline - PPG 26 Regulations
  • 5 year warranty
  • Choose between polyethylene spill pallets, steel spill pallets or stainless steel pallets dependent on stored media.


Substances used in factories, garages and plants vary according to the industry involved and the processes taking place. The storage of such flammable or water hazardous substances will depend on the nature of the substance. In the case of aggressive chemicals this is doubly important as acids and alkalis have to be handled properly if they are not to cause damage or even injury. Another factor which will influence the customer's decision to purchase is manoeuvrability. The spill pallet you decide to buy will be one that meets the requirements you place on it. This might be the straightforward act of storing or dispensing a substance but it may also involve transporting it or even storing IBCs or protecting large areas in the plant or factory.

At DENIOS we offer steel spill pallets for the storage of flammable or water hazardous substances and polyethylene and stainless steel sumps for the storage of aggressive chemicals (acids and alkalis). All our polyethylene pallets are manufactured on DENIOS premises, using a rotational moulding procedure. The products are recyclable and able to carry a very heavy load.

One of the great advantages of the DENIOS range is the variety in sump capacity. Need to store a small container? Or have you 8 205 litre drums? No problem! We have the exact pallet for you!

Our Polysafe ECO model, for instance, is ideal for dealing with aggressive chemicals and conforms to all regulatory requirements. Drums can be placed on to the pallet without being unloaded and pallets for 2 and 4 drums can be easily combined. They have been manufactured to be oil, acid and alkali resistant and corrosion free. You can order accessories such as drum mounts at the same time should you need them. Likewise, if you need polyethylene sump pallets in the 270 and 405 litre sizes you will find them in our catalogue too. They come with galvanised or PE grid options and are very easy to clean. Our PolySafe Euro product is a multi-variant sump, also comes in galvanised or PE grid model and is made from a very environmentally friendly substance. It can be purchased with castors and a handle for ease of movement and is ideal for carrying or storing small containers.

All DENIOS sumps are HSE compliant and you can purchase models which may be moved by forklift truck. This advantage is a consideration not to be underestimated even if you feel you may only need to move pallets occasionally. Think of the man hours that might be saved, if you opt to be able to move them by machine.

Polysafe PSP pallets will provide you with all the advantages of the PSW range while also having additional features such as inbuilt 4 way forklift pockets. Alternatively, you can choose our stainless steel sumps, which can be bought either polyurethane painted or galvanised in hot dip. Furthermore, they can often be fitted with polyethylene liners. Models include the KSB pallet, the Smartsafe sump, Eco sump pallets to cater for 60 litres, and our Basic range which actually allows you create any size of storage you may need.

And our UltraSafe Sump does exactly what the name says. It is a sump shaped from one endless piece of steel, is completely water tight, 3mm thick, and boasts an integral foot design. It comes with a 5 year warranty and is a byword for safety. As with many of our products in this category, delivery is free and can be executed almost instantly. This product, like all our products, will help you deal with the most demanding conditions.

Or perhaps you need our GRW small sump for dealing with really small containers? Perfect for dealing with containers at the point of use, they are compact and simple to use, and PPG compliant.

DENIOS' range of spill pallets is extensive, eco-friendly, adaptable, corrosion free, transportable and perfect for dealing with any substance you may have on the factory floor. Consult out catalogue to find the right model for you.