• Smoking shelter
  • Smoking shelter
  • Smoking shelter
  • Smoking shelter

Smoking shelters

DENIOS smoking shelters are the ideal solution for a peaceful coexistence between smokers and non-smokers in the workplace whilst meeting all legal requirements.

Your advantages:

  • High-quality cabin with powerful filtering systems
  • Flue gases and particles are reliably detected within the smoking cabin and also immediately before (escape of contaminants) to 99.9%
  • Audit by a certified testing laboratory with complete documentation

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DENIOS smoking shelters are flexible complete systems characterized by high quality design and robust tables with ashtrays.

The fresh air curtain at the entrance prevents the smoke escpaing.

The ready to plug in system of the smoking shelter ensures fast start-up and means no further structural measures and ventilation connections are necessary. The low-noise system is ideal for installation in work areas, cafeterias, etc.