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Fire rated FBM container with electronic sliding doors

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Air operated vacuum cleaner for liquids


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DENIOS information pages

DENIOS information pages

Info: Hazmat storage with sump pallets (PDF - 332kb)
Contents: Specialised companies, water hazard classifications, licenses and certifications, minimum collection volumes, explosion-proof, common terms and abbreviations ...

Info: Fluids compatibility guide (PDF - 287kb)
The sump pallets' corrosion resistance and its compatibility with the substance it contains has to be verifiably demonstrated. Steel sump pallets (1.0038) are suitable for most chemical substances. Polyethylene sump pallets are usually necessary for storing caustic substances, such as acids or alkali. Stainless steel offers high-end protection against most aggressive liquids.

Info: Safety cabinets - storing flammable liquids in indoor work places. (PDF - 313kb)
The new European standard EN 14470-1-- Risks and consequences at a glance

Info: The EN 14470-2 for safety cabinets for compressed gas cylinders (PDF - 274kb)

Info: Pumps (PDF - 353kb)
Directive to choose suitable pumps

Info: Media resistance list for selecting an electric drum pump (PDF - 492kb)



EN 1090 Certificate (PDF - 550kb)