Maintenance & spare parts

DENIOS service staff

The law requires regular check-ups and maintenance for work equipment. DENIOS maintenance services will help you to comply with these regulations and provide legal and economical protection.

We offer substantial maintenance services:

  • Walk-in hazmat storage units
  • Hazmat IBC and drum storage units
  • Hazardous storage cabinets and drum storage racks
  • Fire rated storage container and cabinets
  • Sump pallet systems
  • Hazmat work places and local exhaust systems
  • Heating and cooling cabinets

The advantages:

  • Regular maintenance saves costly repairs
  • Our experienced and certified experts carry out maintenance work quickly and efficiently
  • We will save you transport costs by offering quick on-site repairs
  • Regular maintenance minimises the risk of failure
  • Documentation for inspection records

We offer a wide range of maintenance services depending upon your requirements, either a one-off emergency call-out or a more economical long-term maintenance contract.

We are happy to talk you through the maintenance services we can provide!
Please give us a call: 01952 811991.

Do you require spare parts? Please contact Engineering Services
on: 01952 822243

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