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Oil absorbent

In the event of an oil spill or if water-polluting liquids have escaped, absorbent materials are required to clean up the spilled liquid quickly and effectively. As well as identifying the spilled liquid, it is important that oil absorbents are available quickly and in the right format, depending on the particular situation.

DENSORB chemical and oil absorbents absorb various types of escaped chemicals and oils quickly and effectively. A broad product range tailored to cover every eventuality guarantees maximum safety and minimum waste. DENSORB oil absorbents are available as mats, rolls, cushions, snakes, barriers and skimmers.

DENSORB® Oil absorbent materials

The DENSORB® range of oil absorbent materials offers you a comprehensive selection of high performance oil absorbents in the form of mats and granules. Serious oil leaks both indoors and outdoors or on bodies of water can be cleared up efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner. Even when used for long periods of time, DENSORB® products offer outstanding performance: proven quality for professional clearance and prevention of contamination by oil and other hydrocarbon-based chemicals.

  • Suitable for oil, petrol, hydrocarbon-based fluids
  • Tested and certified quality – high absorbency and capacity
  • Water-repellent
  • Free from substances which are harmful to health
  • Extremely robust material strength, no rips, lint etc

Oil absorbent granules - powerful absorbency 

Small oil leaks and contamination indoor and outdoors can be cleaned up quickly using DENSORB® granules, without leaving a residue. Damp isn't a problem thanks to their water-repellent qualities. Non-flammable and free from substances harmful to health, DENSORB® granules offer the highest levels of safety both when in storage and in use. All product variants are suitable for bio-diesel as well as oil, petrol and hydrocarbons.  Special requirements are covered by our special products. Ground protection, acid absorption or floating: The DENSORB® range has the right granules for every application.

Oil binder mats and oil binder rolls - for repairs, maintenance and more 

The high-tech fibre structure makes the difference. DENSORB® oil binder mats with high quality, rip-proof polypropylene fibres have an especially high absorbency capacity when used to contain and clean up leaked liquids and are therefore ideal when dealing with serious emergency situations. Absorbing 16 times their own weight, the amount of material needed is much less compared to granules. With an attractive price-performance ratio, these perforated, water-repellent Economy rolls and mats are the ideal product to have on hand for repair and maintenance work. The heavy-duty Premium version with increased absorption capacity is suitable for difficult or long term applications thanks to its 8 layer structure. While DENSORB® rolls have a large surface area which is ideal for use under machinery for example, DENSORB® mats are best for small areas, with a product size of 40 x 50 cm.

Outdoor oil binder mats -large area ground protection 

DENSORB® Long life Outdoor mats offer long lasting protection against ground contamination for large areas. In addition to high absorption capacity, the 3 layer mats meet all the requirements for a modern, environmentally-friendly outdoor solution:

  • Long life thanks to UV resistant protective top layer.
  • Maximum absorbency capacity for oils and other hydrocarbons with water-repellent matting. 
  • Reliable seepage protection with plastic bottom layer.
  • With widths of 480 mm and 1470 mm, DENSORB® Long Life Outdoor mats fit perfectly into the space between standard rails.
Absorbent socks and cushions -fit flexibly into corners  These flexible DENSORB® socks and cushions can be used both for serious leaks and long term thanks to their exceptional absorbency and practical form. Socks in polypropylene can be used to safely capture leaking fluids from machinery, drums and tanks, preventing uncontrolled spreading. As the surface of the heavy duty material is water-repellent, DENSORB® socks are also ideal for use outdoors, absorbing all oil-based liquids. Where the amount of leaked fluid is too great for mats, DENSORB® absorbent cushions are ideal, and are easy to position in hard-to-reach areas.

Absorbent oil barriers and oil booms  - immediate protection for open water

In the event of an oil leak on water, the first task is to quickly contain the harmful substance to avoid serious harm. The proven, reusable DENSORB® oil barriers are the ideal solution in this situation. The submerged guards with in-built ballast chains in galvanised steel effectively prevent the spread of pools of oil and fuel on standing and slowly flowing open water. The easy to use quick-couplings allow individual elements to be joined together by hand to form any length of barrier which can then be combined with DENSORB® oil booms. A floating network of water-repellent oil booms accelerates the absorption of oil, petrol and other hydrocarbons. Made from high-absorbency polypropylene strips, these booms take up 16 times their own weight, without losing buoyancy.

If you need to look for a complete solution, containing all the important elements and which meets the equipment standard for fire brigades and disaster response organisations, we recommend the DENSORB® PROFESSIONAL oil barrier set.

Oil dice, oil sweeps and oil skimmers - targeted removal of oil from water

If you need to clear oil or other hydrocarbon based chemicals from open water in limited areas such as harbours or water treatment plants, the handy DENSORB® oil dice offer the best solution: high absorption capacity thanks to robust polyurethane fibres, water-repellent and buoyant even when saturated, they can simply be scattered into position and then collected back up after a certain time and disposed of.

Developed for the removal of oil films on water, DENSORB® oil sweeps are often used in combination with DENSORB® oil barriers and are fitted with a sturdy retrieval rope.

The specialist product for oil absorbing operations, DENSORB® oil skimmers with integral rope can be used to remove oils, chemicals and fuels from hard-to-access gullies, drains and tanks.