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DSEAR – Experimental Lecture

Avoiding the dangers associated with handling flammable liquids and hazardous substances

There are severe risks associated with the professional handling of flammable materials and very few are really aware that even the smallest amounts or slightest inadvertent handling can have devastating consequences. Seemingly harmless substances can create a huge danger potential under unfavourable conditions.

DENIOS’ informative, lively and thoroughly entertaining experimental lecture uses graphic demonstrations to explain what consequences can happen when flammable materials are in-correctly handled.

A Specialist Presentation developed for those responsible for training and fostering awareness in a company and its staff.

Ensure that all flammable liquids and materials are treated with the appropriate respect.

Increasing the awareness of the hazards associated with handling and storing hazardous material ensures a safer working environment.

The goal of the DSEAR experimental lecture is to raise the participants’ awareness and perception of Hazardous materials, in order to detect dangers ahead of a pending accident and avoid undesired reactions by handling hazardous substances properly.


  • Legal foundations
  • How sources of danger arise. What is a flashpoint?
  • The fundamentals on the origin of explosions, deflagrations and fires
  • Risks resulting from improper storage and/or handling with these substances
  • The meaning of the danger triangle

The fee for the two hour experimental lecture is £350 payable in advance.
Terms and conditions apply to the above, please contact us for details.

This event covers a portion of the employer’s duty to inform and instruct its employees in the dangers associated with COSHH and DSEAR. It also details some of the requirements detailed in the Water Resources Act 1991.

We are also pleased to offer you lectures and seminars on subjects from the fields of hazardous substance storage and operational safety within your company.

One call is enough: our team will plan an individual presentation for your company that fits just your requirements. We will be glad to arrange an appointment with you.


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