DENIOS Training Academy

The DENIOS Training Academy has been developed for those responsible for training and fostering awareness within a company and it’s employees, and the aim is simple; to raise the awareness and perception of hazardous materials, in order to detect dangers ahead of a pending accident and avoid undesired reactions by handling hazardous substances correctly. We currently offer the below training courses. 


The DENIOS ATEX course has been designed to aid the development and understanding of the ATEX directives to ensure a safe working environment and to ensure compliance is met. This course is recommended for all those involved at every level within potentially explosive atmoshpheres. For more information on this course click here.

IOSH Managing Safely

The IOSH Managing Safely course has been designed to provide every manager with an understanding of their health & safety responsibilities. Delivered by an IOSH approved traning provider, this course will give attendees the knowledge and tools to tackle the health & safety issues they are faced with everyday. On completion of the course successful delegates are awarded and IOSH Managing Safely certificate. For more information click here. 


The DENIOS DSEAR informative experimental lecture covers the legal responsibilities of employer’s and their employees, to ensure compliance with DSEAR regulations, discussing how sources of danger arise, the fundamentals on the origin of explosions, deflagrations and fires, the risks involved and the meaning of the danger triangle. 

Experimental lecture

Experimental lectures

The DSEAR experimental lectures highlights the severe risks associated with the professional handling of hazardous materials in an informative, lively and thoroughly entertaining way using graphic demonstrations to explain what can happen when hazardous substances are in-correctly handled.


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