• IBC storage
  • IBC storage container, 2 IBCs
  • IBC storage container, 3 IBCs and a pallet with barrels
  • IBC storage container, 4 IBCs
  • IBC storage container with sliding doors

IBC Storage

DENIOS IBC storage containers offer a safe and more efficient alternative to buildings for storing hazardous materials. Available in a range of sizes and configurations for different applications and storage capacities, DENIOS containers are the ideal solution for safely storing large quantities of pallets, drums & IBCs.

IBC storage containers are designed with a welded steel frame structure and galvanised steel sheets for weather protection. The integral sump is firmly welded to the frame and provides protection from potentially costly spills and hazards to staff and the environment.

The benefits:

  • Safety and functionality with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • Approved for the storage of substances hazardous to water and for the passive storage of flammable liquids
  • PPG 26 compliant integral steel sump
  • 6 models with storage capacity for up to 8 IBCs
  • Single or dual compartments with up to 2 storage levels
  • Sturdy upright frame construction
  • Weatherproof, galvanized steel sheet elements
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for loads up to 3500 kg
  • Forklift accessible
  • Door options: wing and sliding doors

DENIOS IBC Storage Units

When it comes to storing hazardous materials, many operations or compliance managers have to juggle a lack of space with a critical need for safety. Not every company has suitable additional buildings at its disposal for this purpose. Therefore, the idea of using robust IBC storage containers such as those manufactured by DENIOS makes a great deal of sense. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, and fully compliant with all standard regulatory legislation, DENIOS IBC storage units are the answer to your needs in the area of chemical storage.

This applies whether you work in the chemical industry itself, in engineering, cosmetics or in food and drink production. DENIOS products are ideal for protecting substances that might pollute nearby water sources or for housing substances that could catch fire. Constructed from robust steel, and welded by highly-professional welders working to excellent designs, our IBC storage containers also combine natural ventilation with outstanding weather protection. The ventilation system has been designed to allow perfect dispersion of heat through the container.

Our containers can be easily moved by forklift or pallet truck, and thanks to the fact that our IBC storage container have in-built crane eyes, they may be transported by crane should the need arise. Our extensive bunded storage range is constantly being improved, updated and enlarged to allow you optimum vertical or horizontal storage. The same applies in the case of storage on pallets or the option of having drum and ibc storage in the one container. These DENIOS products are suitable for loads up to 3500 kg.

Furthermore, you will experience little difficulty when considering the doors and accessories you need. For instance, we can provide you with double, sliding or roller shutter doors depending on your particular requirements. This flexibility is one of the hallmarks of DENIOS excellence. And if you do not find an immediate answer to your needs in our catalogue, then please contact us directly as we offer bespoke solutions to meet job specific requirements.

Basic Stores

Our Basic Store  model comes with wing doors and will house 16 205 litre drums or four IBCs, each with a 1000 litre capacity. Sturdy, durable, ready-assembled, it has in-built PPG-26 compliant sumps which offer protection from any costly and hazardous spills that might occur. It is ideal for storing flammable liquids and with a superb price-performance ratio is a natural choice for anybody dealing in this drum quantity. If, however, sliding doors are a priority for you, then you may want to consider our Basic Store (BS 60-2K) which can store 32 205 litre drums or eight 1000 litre IBCS. As is always the case with DENIOS products, you will find other containers in our Basic range which offer you a diversity of choice second to none.

Insulated Containers

We also offer insulated system containers which come with sliding doors and heater. This container may be used outside if necessary and is perfect for storing corrosive or toxic substances. It allows for frost-free storing and we also have an alternative model ideal for storing combustible liquids.

The Basic Model G container, on the other hand, can cope with 120 205 litre drums. Further models in this line will offer you capacities such as 60 litre drums, 72 litre drums and even our top-of-the-range 205 litre drum capacity. Some models have been fine tuned for Euro / Chemical pallets and many can be accessed from both sides thanks to the double depth design which maximizes space so that you get great value for money.

Flammable Storage Containers

Our walk-in fire rate container, which guarantees fire protection for 30-120 minutes, is a product which may be installed within a production area or placed close to outside factory walls. The choice is yours.

This host of clever and creative variations in our DENIOS product range means that all our products share one vital common denominator: they help ensure the safety of your plant and workers. Our fire protection containers are a perfect case in point. Not only do they offer protection inside and outside but they also boast an internal racking system that is adjustable and easy to use. The optional gate securing system is fully standard-compliant and an example of the manner in which DENIOS strives to include all the features that make our containers the perfect solution to your needs. Our BMC 180 - 10 container, for example, has been designed to accommodate one IBC and offers fire resistance up to a period of 90 minutes. The T90 door is self-closing. The BMC-M model offers a very high thermal insulation value, has an effective surface of 5-12.5 square metres, boasts a sump of high-quality steel, comes with 1 wing door or two, and the prevention of unauthorized access is catered for via a three-point safety lock.

Our BMC-X fire protection store is spacious (it offers between 9 and 15.5 square metres depending on the model you choose) and has a sump capacity of 1200-2000 litres. Made of strong painted steel and with a range of internal fittings it just might be the solution for your requirements!

Special container sizes are, in some cases, available on request and needless to say our five year guarantee allows you to choose one of our DENIOS containers with great peace of mind. We ask you to you decide on size, capacity, door type and any other accessories you may need, we look after everything else!

Our catalogue will introduce you to the many containers we offer! Why not take a look? We are confident we will have the right solution to meet your needs.