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IBC Mixer

DENIOS supply a range of industrial IBC mixers and agitators designed for use with plastic IBC containers, suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Chemical Industries
  • Dye stuffs & Pigments
  • Slurries
  • Paint & Varnish
  • Food & Beverage
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Cosmetics Industry

DENIOS IBC Mixer: When liquid really matters! 

When it arises, the complicated issue of treating or storing liquids economically is one which requires a sensible and efficient solution. A DENIOS IBC mixer will meet all the demands that can occur in a variety of industrial environments. Regardless of where, and in what industry, DENIOS IBC mixers are sturdy, safe and purpose built. They are transportable, environmentally friendly and have openings that start at a figure of 150 mm. Above all else, they come with the DENIOS reputation for quality and excellence and will not let you down.

Made from top quality stainless steel, our IBC mixers facilitate all mixing and dissolving procedures and are equally as practical when homogenising liquids is the purpose of your process. They have the added advantage that they are ideal for single-use IBCs and may also be purchased in a secure design which is explosion proof. This guarantees the utmost level of safety which is an absolutely vital factor in industry today.

As customers who have browsed any category in our extensive product catalogue will tell you, Denios nearly always offers a number of models for our customers to choose from. Our IBC mixers are no different in this regard and no matter which model you choose, we are confident it will meet all your expectations and requirements. Starting with the CR6 which uses a 400 volt mains connection and falls into the IP 55 protection category, you have the clever option of choosing between a compressed air - or electrical - device. Our single gear mixer (CR 200 / CR 300), for instance, comes in two different power types; the CR 200 and the CR 300. It also uses a 400 volt power connection.

Our pneumatic IBC mixer (CP 3000 / CP 400) will certainly stand the test of time and is perfect for tasks such as emulsifying liquid. It can homogenise, suspend and disperse liquid just as efficiently and one of its great features is that the rpm is able to automatically adjust to any variations it encounters in the viscosity of the material. It is also heat resistant, sturdy and long-lasting. It boasts an R1/2 connection for using compressed air and comes with a device and filter to reduce pressure. (Manometre reading).

For further technical details such as rpm, weight, height, length of shaft and viscosity please consult our catalogue.