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IBC Heating Jacket

IBC heating jackets are designed to provide electric surface heating to products stored in 1000 litre IBCs. Whether you simply need a frost protection heating jacket or have a requirement for quick, efficient heat up of your media, DENIOS are able to provide a number of standard IBC heating jackets suitable for different requirements and additionally can provide ATEX certificated solutions suitable for hazardous area use.

  • Ideal for use in chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Accurate temperature regulating to suit your process requirements
  • Heating range of between 0 and 90 degrees celsius

DENIOS IBC and steel drum Jackets: Keeping temperatures constant.

In the chemical or pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the fields of paint production, food processing, cosmetics and rubber production, to name but a few, keeping temperatures constant can be a crucial part of the overall production process. Often this is down to the fact that a number of processes have to be synchronized and are inherently dependent on one another. Anybody working in these areas will find that at DENIOS we have IBC heating jackets and steel drum jackets that will help you keep the temperatures you require at an accurate and reliable level. And when you have to urgently alter a temperature then DENIOS has a solution ready for you too. In addition, we also have a line of jackets which can be used in areas where dangerous or hazardous materials are present and which offer ATEX-certified solutions.

These are a few of the many advantages to be gained when you decide to use DENIOS jackets. It doesn't matter whether you have to find that desperately urgent solution for frost protection outside or need to warm up your media quickly at a particular work station, DENIOS jackets are highly efficient and have the great advantage of being cool outside and warm inside. Our jackets allow you to keep a check on heat output and to alter and adjust it quickly and easily, corresponding to your needs at any particular process stage. This ability to specifically keep the jacket as warm as your process demands, makes this the major and indispensable advantage which all our jackets offer you. Our DENIOS HM4 cover for IBCs, for instance, allows very little heat to escape and reduces energy consumption. The advantages of this are obvious. Made of polyamide-support material, it is coated with top-class fibreglass insulation. Not only is the jacket environmentally-friendly, it is sturdy, but most-importantly also very pliable and flexible. It has been developed for IBCS which measure 4060 to 4310 mm. Using a 240 volt power supply, the product gives IP 40 protection and 2000 Watt performance.

The DENIOS jackets come in 5 different models and have a heating range of between 0 and 90 degrees Celsius. This wide range provides pinpoint accuracy when it comes to regulating the temperature needed to suit your process requirements. The products come with a connecting cable that is 5 metres in length, and they have been designed to heat containers in a variety of sizes from 25 to 1000 litres. If, for example, you require a 50/60 litre drum jacket then Model HM 2 is the one that will meet your needs. We offer all inclusive prices for the HM4 jacket with an insulating cover. The function of the cover is to stop the IBC from cooling too rapidly.The even and reliable application of heat that our jackets offer, and the cost-savings in energy and improved production results, make the decision to invest in a DENIOS jacket one that few customers regret. As with all our products, our DENIOS heating jackets are a practical and effective solution to your need for constant and adjustable temperatures. We hope you will find one to suit your requirements.