Waste oil & hazardous materials collector

DENIOS offers the correct fuel tank for the collection of accumulated residue or waste materials that occur during many applications and in different industries. These water pollutant substances have to be collected and disposed of safely and DENIOS waste collection tanks are tested and approved and conform to current regulations.

Galvanized steel fuel tank, type TA
Rectangular plastic storage tank, type TA
Round storage tank, type RC
Polyethylene storage and collection tank, double walled
Polyethylene storage and collection tank, double walled

Our fuel tanks are designed to safely store a range of different substances in many industrial sectors.

  • Fuel tanks
  • Waste oil and hazardous materials collectors
  • Industrial and chemical tanks
  • Storage and collection tanks

Additional information: Mobile Fuel Tanks - Waste Oil Tanks - Waste oil & hazardous materials collector

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Suitable for the following hazardous material classifications:

extremely flammable or highly flammable
hazardous to one's health
environmentally hazardous

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