Spill Kits - Absorbents - Drain Seals

Leaking liquids have to be absorbed quickly and safely and contained immediately! Even with the smallest leaks there are risks involved; to the environment, to the workplace and to employees. 

DENSORB absorbents are essential for both emergencies and everyday production work, in the workshop and laboratories, and offer an ideal solution for environmental protection and work safety.

Special spill kit for chemical spillage accidents
Absorbent granules "Universal fine grain"
Mobile spill trolley, content absorption capacity up to 110 litres
Premium oil absorbent mats, absorption capacity up to 118 litres per pack
Mobile spill trolley, content absorption capacity up to 110 litres
Premium oil absorbent rolls, absorption capacity up to 236 litres per pack
Flexible spill barriers available in 3 sizes
Spill kit storage boxes, content absorption capacity up to 430 litres
Polyurethane drum bandage
Safety cabinet with spill kit including absorbent roll holder

DENSORB absorbents protect against the uncontrolled leaking of hazardous materials, saving companies high disposal costs and loss of production caused by un-necessary clean up operations. The DENSORB range of absorbent materials has been especially developed to ensure key features such as high absorption capacities and impressive tensile strength whilst offering a favourable price/performance ratio:

  • Absorbent mats and rolls
  • Absorbent granules and oil binder granules
  • Absorbent cushions
  • Containment booms, snakes and socks
  • Flexible spill barriers, drain seals and drum bandages
  • Emergency spill kits
  • Three ranges available: Oil, Universal and Special
  • Two grades are available Basic and Premium for Oil and Universial designed for quick or volume absorbtion applications

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Suitable for the following hazardous material classifications:

extremely flammable or highly flammable
harmful to one's health
hazardous to one's health
environmentally hazardous