Peroxide store Peroxide storage

Made to measure peroxide stores:

All fire rated storage containers can be fitted out as peroxide stores. They consist of a robust, corrosion resistant steel frame, non-flammable F-90 fire protection insulation and self closing fire protection doors, with a net weight lighter than concrete.

Additional safety features of selected fittings for your peroxide hazmat storage container:

  • Heating and cooling technology.

  • Fire extinguishing

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Alarm systems (visual and acoustic),

  • Gas detector warning

  • Inlay spill pallets in stainless steel or PE

Peroxide stores from DENIOS: Safety standards and legal compliance


The spill pallet of a peroxide store is made from steel with a plastic inliner (PE) or is made from stainless steel, in order to guarantee resistance to aggressive peroxides. Peroxide stores can be designed to be earthquake secure in line with the highest German and international earthquake classes.

Organic peroxides pose a high risk of danger because they decompose under the influence of temperature or the effects of a catalyst. In order to minimise the risks when storing organic peroxides, a range of regulations must be observed when constructing a peroxide store, for example the German regulations for organic peroxides (BGV B4), the second regulation of the explosives Act (2. SprengV), the German guidelines for storing explosives (SprengLR 300) and the German water resources law (WHG) alongside the regulations and requirements of the relevant approvals authorities.

Temperature control with SADT for peroxides Maximum fire protection for your peroxide store

Safest storage: Temperature under control


The SADT (self-accelerating decomposition temperature) is the temperature above which there is a risk of the peroxide undergoing self accelerating decomposition.

The temperature of the stored goods must be a minimum of 10°C below the SADT. In order to guarantee the quality requirements and safety criteria for a constant temperature range for peroxide storage, good heat insulation is also required alongside F-90 fire protection .

DENIOS offers all fire rated storage containers as specially equipped peroxide stores , which guarantee excellent F-90 insulation with mineral wool panels (construction material class A).


Peroxide storage safety can be planned!


The peroxide store must (in accordance with BGV B4, § 7 section 6) be fitted with pressure release surfaces , which safely channel away the forces occurring during an explosion via the roof.

Technical ventilation prevents the accumulation of potentially explosive gas mixtures. The integral air conditioning unit ensures the temperature is kept in the required range. All built-in electrical equipment is explosion proof and CE certified.

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Suitable for hazardous substances from the following classes

Flammable /extremely flammable Oxidising Irritant Toxic Health hazard Harmful Environmentally damaging